The Wacky Wordshop

Hello. My name is Brice Higgins. I am an author turned publisher.

For the past two years I've been examining my options to see my work published, read dozens of publishing websites, self-help articles, magazines and books on 'How to Get Published'. Many agents will not accept unsolicited manuscripts and advice on how to obtain the services of an agent is daunting, to put it mildly. Some publishing houses will not accept anything which is not referred by an agent, usually one with which they have an existing commercial relationship. The hard fact for authors seeking publication is simply this: If your manuscript is not accepted, by either an agent or a publisher, as having mass commercial potential ... forget about a book deal!

Agents and publishers, rightly so, will decline any manuscript which has not been proofread to an acceptable standard. A rejection letter is an almost welcome indicator that somebody - anybody - has actually read your manuscript. I have mine in my file. I write because I can, because I believe there are many readers who may actually enjoy the story I have to tell, and who do not necessarily concern themselves with whether or not it is a best seller.

So ... why not self publish? Well, it remains an option for many authors and yes, many vanity presses will gladly take your hard-earned cash. Before getting into self publishing you need to be certain of your reason for wanting to be published. If it's that all elusive, blockbuster, mega-advance you're wanting then I recommend you keep on banging away at agents and publishing houses. Many authors, to their great credit, succeed on this path.

There is, however, a route into published print which I have decided to begin promoting ... a path to published work and, yes ... you could call it self publishing, but not as you think you may know it.

I have established my own publishing business ... THE WACKY WORDSHOP ... and no, I do not pay advances neither do I pay royalties. The look in your eyes tells me you're thinking, "Okay. What's the catch? There has to be a catch. Right?"

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